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Queens Chronicle:

Jesus Christ Superstar: Review of Steffen Whorton as Jesus

Review: Huffington Post


"Steffen Whorton’s vocals will charm you into creating your own fables."









 First Look: Occupation Dragonslayer

Occupation:Dragonslayer Press

"Chris, played by Steffen Alexander Whorton is the ultimate good guy; Sweet, sincere, and charming. We all instantly fall in love with this fellow"

"There are some really great voices in the cast, including Cait Kelly as Jenny, Kimberly Bello as Mara, Steffen Whorton as Chris the Dragonslayer.." -


Review of Steffen Whorton as Jesus

As the titular Jesus, Steffen Alexander Whorton (who last appeared on stage with Steve Walsh and Kevin Rogers in Occupation: Dragonslayer) demonstrated an almost scathing maturity best personified as he awaited the inevitable during “Gethsemane,” piercing his audience’s rapt attention with a soaring, acrobatic tenor.

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